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Nerdfighter Gathering (very long post)

Yeah. I have lots to tell you, my fellow Nerdfighters.
First of all, I am so incredibly glad that I went. Thanks to Fabi because she put up with my nerves the morning before the gathering, and
supernovakgirl because she reminded me that if I didn't go, I would soon regret it.
So yes. The meeting was to take place on Sunday night in North County (about an hour from where I live, in South Bay). I was very nervous on Sunday afternoon. I was afraid that once The Parents got there, they'd find out it was more of an Internet thing, instead of a music thing (which is what I'd told them). I was terrified that Hank would sing about the vegetables that look like penises. (He didn’t.)
When we got to the library, we followed a sign that led us to the side of the building. There were two entrances. The furthest one had a "Welcome Nerdfighters!" sign, but my father marched through the first entrance cuz he’s just indifferent.
And then... I SAW HIM.
Holy crap, Hank Green is a lot taller than I expected (even if I am just short). As soon as I saw him, the disbelief kicked in. Like I said in my other entry, it just feels so surreal. Kind of like.. wow.
This guy truly exists on the same plane that I do. He breathes. And walks. And we’re in the same room. No way.

The feeling never really went away. It still hasn’t, when I think about it.
He was standing outside the doors that led to the room. It was dark, and I only recognized him by the light of his iPhone. At first, I thought it was someone's bored older brother. But then I recognized the hair. And the glasses.
He looked up as we came in. (Since we weren't supposed to be going through that entrance.) Looked at me. I looked at him. Gave him a polite, nervous smile. He continued to stare, though not in a particularly mean or happy way. I wanted to say hi, but was too shy. So I turned away and just walked into the room. It probably seemed rude.
Once inside, my mom commented on how there were mostly teenage girls. (Which was true. Are there more girl than boy Nerdfighters?) I was like, "Erm... well, the singer is the one we saw outside, so idk what you're thinking."
Actually, I did know. I'd known from the beginning that she thought I was wanted to go see some Jonas Brother-type dude (ick) that I had a crush on. And I let her believe it, just cuz it was easier than having to explain.

They had the Chartjackers song playing softly, and people started singing along. Then clapping. He came in not long after me and filmed the crowd while we clapped and sang.
Other stuff that happened:
--He opened with Dftba. (He has decided to change the “Damn Facebook” line to “Damn Farmville.”)
--He told us about how there'd been traffic on his way down, which frustrated him. In his words, "I was like, 'it's Sunday evening, people, where could you possibly be going?'" Someone brought up the Chargers game. His response: "Oh. Well, I disagree that that's important--" We cut him off because we were demonstrated how much we agreed with very loud cheers.
--He continued telling us about the traffic. How when he got to the end of the Red Zone (it's how his GPS marks traffic), he saw it was because of a car accident. But the thing that really annoyed him (and he said it'd probably come as no surprise to us, but I guess it isn't very common where he lives) is that the accident wasn't even on his side of the road. (He did his indignant, Mickey Mouse-type voice at this part, which I love.)
--He told us about how when he gets onstage, his nerves come out in burps. It's true. He wondered what singers do when they have to sneeze onstage. The crowd suggested that he write a song about bodily functions. The "burp-cough-sneeze-something else" song. He laughed. Paused. Asked if anyone had a pen, cuz he had to write that one down.

--He told us about how one day, while John was living in Chicago or New York, he was run over by someone on a bike and got a bunch of broken bones. But Hank told him that he couldn’t really complain because he’d just end up writing it into a book and making money off it. So writers really have no right to complain about anything, says Hank, but that doesn’t stop John.
--He took song requests from people. A few things he sang: This Isn't Hogwarts; I Know (he messed up a bit on that one, but he apologized beforehand); Nerdfighteria Island; I'm Gonna Kill You (he talked about his first show, how only two people were there, and how everyone at the venue was probably scared by this song); and Book Eight.

--I’m Not Edward Cullen was requested. There was some discussion about how much Twilight sucks. And he went, “Well, yeah, it’s not a song about how much I like Twilight.” The way he said it was hilarious. Then he sang, both the guy and girl parts.

--He did the Single Ladies dance. He’s pretty good at it. Then he did the jumping jack-push up-dance move thing. He managed twelve before the song finished. He kept forgetting the part about the dance move. You’ll probably see it in a video soon.

--Did you know his full name is actually William Henry Green? In his words, “’Hank’ is just my parent’s cruel joke.”

--There were just a lot of small jokes here and there that made the night. He’s a hilarious guy. He’d stop in the middle of songs to make comments, or he’d mess up (but of course, we totally forgave him) and laugh about it. There was a song he made up on his way down from LA, which he sang to us. Something about “cell phone, charger, guitar, [a bunch of other things], keys, I’d be pretty screwed if I lose one of these.” (Not the exact wording, but close.)

--He closed with A Song About an Anglerfish and Accio Deathly Hallows (he refused to play them until the end). He told us how his video about giraffe sex has gotten the most views. And how Helen Hunt would be creeped out if she heard the song.

Mostly, it was just amazing. Afterwards, I got his new album (a day before it was released, hehe) and he signed the poster. Again, I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t come up with anything other than “hello” and “thank you.” He’s really nice and friendly, though. He’ll sign anything you hand him, except skin. He signed some kid’s shoe, another kid’s iPhone. He also looks very huggable, all tall and skinny and goofy. I’d even say he’s adorable, except that he’s almost twice my age.

But anyway. Pictures of crappy quality:


While he was ranting about Lost:

Doing the Single Ladies dance:

Signing my CD. Let's all be distracted by the girl in the bunny suit:


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Nov. 18th, 2009 05:47 am (UTC)
That's awesome! I'm glad you had a good time.
And those pictures aren't crappy quality at all, I think they're really good actually.
Nov. 18th, 2009 10:04 pm (UTC)
HAha, sounds like you had fun. Hearing some of his jokes from you made me laugh :)
Nov. 19th, 2009 01:17 am (UTC)
One time, a really long time ago, they asked people to answer in the comments if they were a boy or a girl and I think we are mostly girls. Or were.
He closed with A Song About an Anglerfish! Yes!
Ja ja, hay que amarlo.
Pffft. He IS adorable. Que importa que tenga como 30, he looks 19.
I'm glad you could go. It sounds like it was awesome.
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